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Potato 700g
Whole milk 100ml

Semi-salted butter 70 g Nutmeg

1 pinch Pepper Salt


A natively constructed squash is so natural to make, thus greatโ€ฆ This formula is for the work of art, older style pound, without weighty cream or fluid cream, simply great potatoes, a little milk, salted margarine, generally all around prepared and youโ€™re finished. You will get an exceptionally smooth, delicate, rich and delectable pound: the ideal squash to appreciate on Sunday with the family! From here onward, the mousseline puree is in-ter-said!Choose potatoes equivalent size. Cook them in a huge pan loaded up with bubbling water.2Once cooked, channel and strip them (cautious, itโ€™s hot!) Purรฉe them utilizing a vegetable plant (pick the best lattice).3Meanwhile, heat the milk in a little pan. Once hot, add it to the puree and blend everything in with a baked good whisk.To wrap upAdd the diced margarine, while whisking. Wrap up via preparing with nutmeg, a couple of turns of ground pepper and fleur de sel. Serve right away.



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