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12 dates , pitted (See note 1)
4 tablespoons peanut butter , See note 2
7 ounces dark chocolate , 70% Cocoa Content (200 grams)




Fill each date with peanut butter. I only use about ½ teaspoon of peanut butter for small dates and ¾-1 teaspoon for large dates. Place them on a tray/plate and put them in the freezer for 10-15 minutes (See note 5).
Meanwhile: Finely chop the chocolate and set aside. Place a sheet of baking parchment paper over a chopping board large enough to hold a wire rack (See note 6) .
Melt the chocolate over a pot of simmering water (double boiler). Dip each date in the melted chocolate and transfer onto a wire rack (or aluminum foil or baking parchment).
Optional: Sprinkle with dried edible lavender.
Chill them in the fridge for 30 minutes or until the chocolate is set.
Optional: Drizzle the chocolate covered dates with melted chocolate (use either a fork or Ziploc bag).



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